Metro-3 project now vies for mangroves

    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai – The mangrove forests in the city will soon be vanished due to the coming up of the Metro-3 project. The project is already is news for felling a large number of trees in the city. The Union Forest Ministry has informed the Lok Sabha that 231 mangroves on 1.69 hectare land will be removed for the project.

    With this revelation, one more environment degradation step of the MERC has come to fore. The MERC is reported to plant 4 mangrove trees by uprooting one. This strange claim of MERC has attracted the wrath of environmentalists and mangrove experts.

    The irresponsible behaviour of the Environment Ministry is revealed with the reply of Forest Ministry. Hence, Vanshakti NGO has raised a voice to protect the mangroves. Time will tell whether the environmentalists will get justice in their fight or not.

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