"Mann ka Vishwas Kamjor ho na......"

    Mahim Railway Station
    "Mann ka Vishwas Kamjor ho na......"
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    Mahim - We all know about the Machhimaar colony at Mahim. But enter this colony, go to Building no. 9, Flat no. 355, you will meet the once popular playback singer, Pushpa Paghdhare. She stays here in her 170 sq ft abode with her foster brother and niece.

    Pushpa Pagdhare had applied for a house in the artists' quota way back in 1989. She completed all the procedures and followed up the matter but in vain. All she got was a disappointment. Today, in the twilight of her life, she has to share a cramped space.
    Over the years Pushpa Paghdhare sang more than 500 songs in Hindi, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali and Punjabi, but now she is tired.
    Pushpa Paghdhare became a household name when she sung a popular song, "Itni Shakti Hame Dena Dataa...." in the film Ankush.
    Nowadays, houses under the artists' quota have been discontinued but Pushpa's only request to the government is to increase the pension of artists and take care of their basic needs so that they can at least spend their last few days peacefully.

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