NCP leader Jayant Patil expresses his wish to be the Chief Minister

While curent Deputy CM Ajit Pawar has confirmed the same and supported the decision, this topic is being discussed in the political circles across Maharashtra.

NCP leader Jayant Patil expresses his wish to be the Chief Minister

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state president Jayant Patil, in a recent interview, had expressed his interest in becoming the chief minister of Maharashtra. As per reports, he had given a statement in an interview to a media channel, the video of which was uploaded on YouTube, and further mentioned that State Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had also given indicative support to this wish. 

This matter has further escalated and has become a topic of discussion in political circles.

It is said that the interview took place a few days ago, whereby Patil was asked if he ever wished to be a CM of Maharashtra, to which he answered positively, stating that he would definitely want to sit on the chair and be the Chief Minister if given a chance. Adding further, he said that no one in his party has got the position of the Chief Minister's post yet, and it is every politician's wish to become one. Though everyone from NCP wants to be a CM, the final decision taken by NCP President Sharad Pawar will be respected by all, he said.

Meanwhile, Pawar spoke about the same in the media. Besides this, he also reacted to the issue of increased electricity bills during the lockdown and said that no single minister in the government makes big decisions. It is in fact the entire cabinet which takes collective decisions. Clarifying further, he said that many decisions today are being taken by the government, keeping COVID-19 pandemic and outbreak in mind.

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