BJP allots AB forms to official nominees

BJP allots AB forms to official nominees
BJP allots AB forms to official nominees
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Mumbai - Shiv Sena gave away the AB forms (forms mentioning the official candidates of the party) to 150 candidates. Insiders say the Sena did this in order to prevent Bharatiya Janta Party poaching the rebellion candidates of the party. Likewise, arch-rival BJP too gave away AB forms to 62 candidates.

BJP gave away the forms to prominent candidates including Akash Raj Purohit, Vidya Thakur's son Deepak Thakur, Neil Kirit Somaiya, Ashish Shelar and Vinod Shelar. Sameer Desai nephew of Congress MP Gurudas Kamat and Former MNS leader Mangesh Sangle who joined BJP. The Election Commission has now extended the scrutiny procedure until 3 February and the date of withdrawal of nominations until 4 February.This has given the political parties another day to allot AB forms to their official nominees.

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