BJP govt claimed it planted 50 cr trees, MHA wants proof

BJP govt claimed it planted 50 cr trees, MHA wants proof

There have plenty of tall claims been made by BJP in regards to the sapling that they have planted in the state. These numbers were the highlight of the conversation when they were defending the cutting of trees in the Aarey to make way for the Car shed for Metro 3 (Colaba-Bandra-Seepz).

Now Maha Vikas Aaghadi government which is a collation between Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress has ordered an inquiry into the BJP government’s tree plantation drive. Coming back to the numbers, BJP government claimed that it had planted a whopping 33 crore saplings in the year 2019. Furthermore, over 50 crore saplings were claimed to have been planted in between 2014 to 2019.

The reason for this inquiry is the complaints that have been received. As per the Forest minister Sanjay Rathod they have received complaints regarding the lapses which occurred in implemented stage and so they have called for an inquiry.

Relief and rehabilitation minister Vijay Wadettiwar too has received a letter saying that an inquiry regarding this issue should be conducted. In the letter that he has got, it has also been mentioned that 50 per cent of trees that are claimed to be planted do not exist or did not survive.

The complaints also mentions of mismanagement during the planting of the sapling. Some of the issues in regards to mismanagement include planting multiple trees in the same location to inflate numbers. “The reality is different from the numbers the BJP government was claiming,” Wadettiwar said. He even suggested that there should be a satellite survey of places in which these tree plantation drives were conducted.

Another issue that is being talked about in this regards is in the utilisation of funds. There are question being raised about the money spent. A huge chunk of CSR funds were utilised to bring this project to fruition. However, BJP says that they have nothing to hide and even suggested that a high level probe under the leadership of a retired high court judge should be undertaken. They feel that it will help clear everything about this scheme.

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