Ashish Shelar and Sharad Pawar's meeting raises questions among the political circles in Maharashtra

The meeting was held on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, in Delhi, and Ashish Shelar offered clarification related to the reason for the meeting.

Ashish Shelar and Sharad Pawar's meeting raises questions among the political circles in Maharashtra

BJP leader and MLA Ashish Shelar on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, met NCP President Sharad Pawar in Delhi, post which discussions have sparked in the political circles regarding the matter. After that meeting, Ashish Shelar interacted with the media and explained the reason for the same.

The meeting was held in the morning after Maharashtra Public Works Minister Ashok Chavan and Sharad Pawar met on Januar 12, 2021, and the doubts were expressed immediately after the same. 

Speculations in the circuit state that Shelar had met Sharad Pawar on the issue of farmers' agitation against the farm laws proposed by the Centre. On the other hand, while politics in Maharashtra is also heated over the issue of ED, this meeting between the two has stirred several queries.

Answering those, Ashish Shelar, while interacting with the media said that Sharad Pawar is aware of the sentiments of the Maratha youth and the Maratha reservation issue. Keeping that in mind, BJP expects the state government to take this issue seriously while defending the Maratha reservation in the Supreme Court, and should clarify its position on the reservation by taking immediate and appropriate legal steps. 

Meanwhile, Shiv Sangram chief and MLA Vinayak Mete has levelled several serious allegations against Ashok Chavan over the Maratha reservation issue and demanded strict action regarding the same from Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

It is said that in the meeting held in Delhi, Ashok Chavan deliberately did not invite several important people which includes lawyers for several of the petitioners and other members. Questions have been raised against the attitude taken towards the Maratha reservation and community decisions ever since he became the chairman of the Cabinet sub-committee on Maratha reservation. Allegations have been made stating that no concrete decisions are being made in that regard, and therefore Maharashtra Congress President, Balasaheb Thorat, should intervene in the matter and offer clarity on the role being played by Ashok Chavan