BJP proposes joy ride, parents worry

BJP proposes joy ride, parents worry

Worli - This is a gift horse that is being looked in the mouth. The BJP, not to be outdone in the woo-the-voter stakes on the eve of the polls, has proposes a joyride for 30 school students from slum areas in Worli.
The joyride, to enable the under privileged to view the city from the Mumbai skies, is to be undertaken on the occasion of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday. Worli’s Uttar Bhartiya Morcha president Santosh Pandey has organised a joy ride in a helicopter to 30 school students from his area. Despite the largesse, the children's parents are a bit worried, with the Aarey colony incident (where a helicopter crashed and claimed two lives on Sunday) looming in their minds.
“We will first check the safety and only then send our children,” said one of the parents, Chandrakant Chande. Pandey clarified that the organisers would take good care of the children and ensure that the joy ride is completed with utmost care at Mahalaxmi, which has a helipad and where people get a safe ride in helicopters.