BMC’s negligence costs education for four poor students

BMC’s negligence costs education for four poor students

In the Legislative Assembly, MLAs seek correct answers to the information from the government departments. Sometimes the information is not given to them or many times the information is ignored or hidden. Mumbai Live has exposed a case regarding flaws in the education system in civic schools. 

NCP legislator Sanjay Kadam said 75 poor children had to leave school in 2013-14 because the school didn’t have education facilities till 8th standard. Due to poor financial condition of four children, they had to leave school and discontinue education. When this question was asked in the Assembly in the year 2016, the BMC refused to say no such event has occurred.

The right to Education was introduced in the year 2010. Under Section 6 of the Act 2 (H), it is mandatory for all children to be educated up to VIII. Even after the law was created in 2010, BMC did not make any special arrangements for education till 2014. The Ayodhya municipal school, located near the Vashi Naka in Chembur, had written a letter to the BMC to start the 8th-grade class, but the civic body did not pay any attention. Due to which, 75 poor students had to leave school in the year after the 7th, and had to pay Rs 10,000 donation for admission in private schools. Four students left their studies midway cause of the poor living condition.

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