Chai se machine tak…

Chai se machine tak…
Chai se machine tak…
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Kandivali - SP candidate Suman Singh is going through a rough patch, as she has to start her campaigning from scratch.

As only a few days are left for the BMC elections, candidates have begun their campaigning. They reach out to voters and ask them to vote their symbol. But for one candidate it is becoming a difficult task, thanks to state election commission.  
Suman Singh started campaigning in Kranti Nagar asking voters to vote for cup and saucer which is her symbol. However, after six days they changed her symbol to the sewing machine. “I already started meeting people and asked them to vote for cup and saucer. Not only that, I made banners of the same as well. Now, again I have to reach out to people with my election symbol. It is time-consuming but I am confident that I will win,” said Suman Singh.

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