Sunil Kedar alerts citizens about consumption of chicken and eggs

Sharing the information regarding the bird flu, the state government has asked the citizens to eat chicken and eggs after cooking thoroughly, to ensure safety at all times.

Sunil Kedar alerts citizens about consumption of chicken and eggs

Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra have reduced significantly, and just when the government officials and teams were tackling the crisis, they have a new concern to handle, as several cases of bird flu have been reported in the state. As per reports, these new cases have raised concerns among the administration and keeping the same in mind, Maharashtra's Animal Husbandry Minister Sunil Kedar has given important instructions to the citizens who consume eggs and chicken.

Sharing more information with the media, Sunil Kedar stated that one must take appropriate precautions to ensure safety. He added that it is scientifically proven that after cooking eggs or chicken meat at a certain temperature for half an hour, the organism dies, and therefore, the ones who eat food with chicken or egg should cook it at 70-degree centigrade for 30 minutes before consuming. This procedure ensures safety and eliminates the danger of any kind.

Meanwhile, reports state that chicken prices in Mumbai have come down by INR 10 to Rs 20 per kg, and reports related to the same was released on Saturday, January 9, 2021. It is said that the citizens now fear the spread of bird flu, leading to which, they are not focusing on consuming chicken. Furthermore, people are distancing themselves from poultry meat and products, and the effect of this is affecting the traders largely.

Recently released laboratory report suggests that more than 800 chickens in Parbhani district have died due to bird flu and all precautionary orders have been issued to the district administration to ensure citizens' safety. Immediate measures are also being taken to prevent further spread. 

However, inspection reports of samples from Mumbai, Thane, Dapoli and Nagpur are yet to be received, post which, strict action will be taken on an immediate basis. 

Addressing the issue, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, on Monday, January 11, 2021, called for an urgent meeting to review the matters and understand the potential threat of bird flu. Officials discussed necessary measures which will be taken to prevent bird flu in the state. The team has also stated that the Center should allow the Maharashtra government to test for bird flu samples.

Earlier in 2006, Maharashtra also experienced bird flu, and even then, the state government did not wait for the central government to lend a helping hand to the poultry industry in the state. Minister Kedar also clarified that the role of the state government, this time, will remain the same.