CM Eknath Shinde not finding a capable candidate for Mumbai North West seat

CM Shinde has not announced a candidate for Mumbai North West seat

CM Eknath Shinde not finding a capable candidate for Mumbai North West seat

The battle cry for Lok Sabha elections has been heard. Along with leaders, actors have also started campaigning in the state. Candidates are campaigning even in the scorching heat of the state. On one hand, while some candidates of political parties are filing their nomination papers with the election officials, on the other hand, it has come to light that on some seats, political parties are not even getting candidates in the Lok Sabha constituency. Shinde faction also did not get any candidate from North West Mumbai. Some actors have also refused to contest elections on this seat. Therefore, the question of who should be made the candidate from North West Mumbai is pending before the Shinde faction.

Lok Sabha elections in 6 phases

Lok Sabha elections will be held in 6 phases in the state. Campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections has intensified in the country as well as in the state. For this Lok Sabha election, the Thackeray group had announced the candidature of Amol Gajanan Kirtikar from Mumbai's North West Lok Sabha constituency fifteen days ago. After the Thackeray group announced the candidature of Amol Gajanan Kirtikar, he has also started campaign tours.

Amol Kirtikar started campaigning

On one hand, Amol Kirtikar has started campaigning, on the other hand there is news that Shinde faction has not found any capable candidate from North West Lok Sabha seat of Mumbai. It is being said that this place was won by Shinde's army. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has already discussed with party officials and actors for this seat. However, it is understood that no viable candidate has been found for this constituency.

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Artists declined

The Chief Minister has discussed the candidature of actors like Govinda, Sharad Ponkshe, Sachin Pilgaonkar for this Lok Sabha constituency. However, it is believed that the three actors are not interested in contesting the elections, due to which the Shinde faction also asked Jogeshwari East assembly constituency MLA Ravindra Vaikar about contesting the elections. However, Vaikar is also facing opposition from BJP. In such a situation, there is a big problem regarding the candidature of Shinde group. A big question has arisen before the Shinde group regarding this candidature.

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