BJP made false promises: RPN Singh

BJP made false promises: RPN Singh

As the Modi-led government completes three years in power, the center and state have organised events and on the other hand, the common man continues to go through his usual problems. Around 20 million jobs would be available each year according to the promises made by the government but that promise has not been close to completion. The 1.4 million mark hasn’t been touched yet according to senior congress leader, RPN Singh. He was speaking at a press conference organised on Friday at the Mumbai Congress office.

BJP Government has given the people false hope without any substantial work to show for. During BJP government at the Center, law and order in the country has been tarnished. Because of demonetisation and cashless transactions, millions of people had to go through immense trouble. Over a thousand firing incidents have taken place at the border and soldiers have lost their lives, according to Singh. Former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh never visited Pakistan but after Modi’s visit, multiple attacks have been orchestrated against India, accused Singh.

The Congress leader claimed that when they were in power, attempts were being made to bring in Dawood Ibrahim whereas BJP leaders attend weddings associated to him,

There are no jobs in Mumbai, farmers are committing suicide. The Government has saved money on oil and made a profit of Rs 4.50 lakh crore. In UP, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, attacks on women and dalits are increasing. However, he said that BJP government has been silent on this.

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