Congress holds the ace in BMC?

    Congress holds the ace in BMC?
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    Mumbai - The results of the BMC polls have come on the expected lines. The election has literally brought both the warring parties – Shiv Sena and BJP - close to the majority and but did not give them the magic figure by electing 84 and 82 candidates of these parties respectively. This has given a chance to the Congress party to emerge as ‘king maker’ in the BMC.

    Though the Congress party has won only 31 seats, it has the required figure to take a decisive call as far as the election for the post of Mumbai mayor is concerned. The BJP claimed that it has the support of five independents and its figure has reached 87 making it the single-largest party in the BMC. The city has elected nine corporators of the NCP, seven of the MNS, three of the MIM and 11 others. If all these smaller parties extend their support to the BJP, the party still fails to reach the magic figure. Hence, Congress is the only party that holds a number enough to play its game in the BMC, observe political analysts.

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