Would Maharashtra have two Deputy Chief Ministers?

As per reports, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has approved the proposal. However, on the contrary, Deputy CM Ajit Pawar has denied the same and said that no discussions have been held regarding the matter.

Would Maharashtra have two Deputy Chief Ministers?

Congress leader and Assembly Speaker Nana Patole recently resigned from his position, and following the resignation, some people from the political circle state that there is a strong possibility of some changes in the ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government.

It is being speculated that the Congress will get the post of Deputy Chief Minister in return for the post of Assembly Speaker going to Shiv Sena; and if this is implemented, then Maharashtra would get two Deputy Chief Ministers.

Currently, Congress leader Balasaheb Thorat currently holds three responsibilities as Congress state president, legislature leader and revenue minister. The party has been revived since the Congress came to power in Maharashtra, and with the forthcoming elections nearing, there has been a growing demand from Congress leaders for a party president who would be able to provide full-time work for the party. 

Reports state that Nana Patole was also willing to accept this responsibility. It was argued that this would change Congress' position among the leaders in the state. However, with the resignation of Nana Patole as the Speaker of the Assembly, officials are wondering who would be the Congress leader in the vacant seat of the Assembly Speaker and will a leader from Shiv Sena or NCP claim the same.

Meanwhile, some people claim that Shiv Sena wants the post of Assembly Speaker and in return, a proposal has been made for the same and the position of another Deputy Chief Minister. It is also learned that Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has approved this proposal, but one isn't sure if the NCP will object. It is said that if the Congress gets the post of Deputy Chief Minister, then it could either be taken by Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat, Energy Minister Nitin Raut or Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Vadettiwar.

However, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has said that there have been no discussions about having another Deputy Chief Minister in the state and nothing has been spoken about creating the same for the Congress.

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