Mumbai- BMC's ward revision has affected many corporators who have lost their wards. These corporators are now in search of new wards. These are few of the corporators who are searching for new constituencies

Shubha Raul-  She has lost her ward and now she is planning to contest from Ward no 8.

Devendra Amberkar- Congress Corporator's ward has been divided. His Ward no. 75 does not exist anymore and so he will contest from the Ward no 68.

Pravin Chheda- Opposition leader Pravin Chheda's Ward no 132 has also been divided. Interested to contest, he is in search of a new ward.

Sandeep Deshpande- MNS leader Sandeep Deshpande is upset over losing the ward. It is been said that MNS will suffer a severe setback due to change in the ward. Apparently, he is surveying Ward no 182.

Raees Sheikh- SP leader Raees Sheik's ward has been divided into fragments. He is planning to survey Bainganwadi, Shivaji Nagar to contest elections.

Dhananjay Pisal - NCP leader Dhananjay Pisal's ward has changed to women's ward. It is being said that to safeguard the ward, Raees' wife might contest this time 

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