EC to keep a check on cash outflow during polls

 Pali Hill
EC to keep a check on cash outflow during polls
Pali Hill, Mumbai  -  

Mumbai - The BMC elections are going to be a big ask for all the political parties, as these will decide the fate of many leaders along with their respective parties.

Election Commission has announced a few guidelines keeping in mind the whopping amount of money which flows like water during the elections. The guidelines are -

  • Code of Conduct for 25 districts and 10 municipal councils
  • All the development works to stop at the places where election will take place
  • Exit poll to close after 14 February
  • Every individual candidate will have to open his bank account
  • Within 30 days, individual candidates have to give the detail of all the money spent to election commission
  • Campaign for election to stop at 4.30 pm on 19 February
  • Banks, NGOs and corporates to be the medium of promotion for voting
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