Farmer’s beating in Mantralaya: Police lie to opposition leaders


Mumbai – Rameshwar Bhusare, a farmer from Aurangabad, had alleged that he was beaten black and blue in the Mantralaya on Thursday. The police have now registered a case against Bhusare.

When opposition party leaders including former deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar reached Marine Lines police station on Friday but police officers present there gave wrong information to Pawar and told him that the farmer had been taken the court. When Pawar was not satisfied with their answer, he directly talked to Bhusare on the phone who told the politician that he was still in the police lock up. This infuriated Pawar who lashed out the police officers. After this, police brought the farmer in front of opposition party leaders who inquired about his well-being. Bhusare told them that he did not try to commit suicide in the Mantralaya but he was forcefully stashed in the police van and police in the vehicle tried to strangulate him with the help of his scarf, he alleged.

This further angered the opposition leaders collectively took on the police officers and asked them who gave them the right to beat up a farmer came to seek help from the government.

Meanwhile, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has ordered an inquiry into the beating of the farmer. CM claimed that the farmer was not assaulted by the police. The farmer has bitten a security guard and he has bite marks on his body.

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