Governor Koshyari and Shri Sai Shraddha Pratishthan distribute a dozen cycles to Mumbai's Dabbawalas

The event was held at Raj Bhavan, on Monday, October 19, 2020, where Bhagat Singh Koshyari appreciated the efforts taken by the association to help the people in need. He also lauded Dabbawalas for working hard throughout the year.

Governor Koshyari and Shri Sai Shraddha Pratishthan distribute a dozen cycles to Mumbai's Dabbawalas

Maharashtra's Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari, on Monday, October 19, 2020, said that many people in the country have both knowledge and wealth, but seldom can they be of any use for the society at large, and one makes a difference only if they put these aspects to use for others' benefit and serves the community. He made the statement at a function organized at Raj Bhavan by Mumbai-based Shri Sai Shraddha Pratishthan.

Adding more to the same, he stated that people who do not have sufficient money also tend to help others and the intention is genuine. Appreciating the work done by the association, he said that even a  small step taken towards helping others can make a big difference to the lives of many people. Sharing the thought, he applauded Shubhranshu Dixit's work, who is the President of the Foundation and Member of the National Executive of BJP Yuva Morcha. He congratulated the team and wished that the association gets more power to help others in the future. 

The event was organised for the benefit of Mumbai Dabbawala's who work relentlessly in Mumbai, throughout the year, to ensure tiffins reach the people who have signed up for the service. Shri Sai Shraddha Pratishthan, on Monday, handed over more than a dozen bicycles to the Dabbawalas, as an appreciation for helping people.

The team added that the Dabbawalas in Mumbai have been doing a kind job of delivering food to the people, and God always helps those who do good. Wishing them the best, Governor added that even though Dabbawalas ride a bicycle today, he wished that their efforts are reaped by their children who will only day travel by a car or a plane in the future.

The keys for the bicycles were collected by Mumbai Dabbawala Association President Subhash Talekar and Dasharath Kedar 

Subhranshu Dixit is a resident of Varanasi and has also distributed thousands of kilos of grains during the lockdown, for the benefit of the needy. In an event held at Raj Bhavan, he said that the condition of all the cycles worsened during the lockdown, due to which new cycles were needed, to ensure Dabbawalas don't have to walk miles or use an alternative approach which adds to their hard work

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