Commission report recommends 16 per cent reservation for the Maratha community

The report asserted that while providing reservation to the Maratha community, the reservation quota for OBC shall be unaffected


The report submitted by the Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission on Thursday suggests 16 per cent reservation to the Maratha community under Other Backward Classes (OBCs). Of the 100 per cent population in Maharashtra, 30 per cent are Marathas and the reports suggest that they are liable to the reservation in jobs. 

In the past 15 months, the commission paid a visit to several parts of the state and discussed the problems with two lakh people from the Maratha community while surveying 45,000 families. According to the sample data, 98.30 per cent Maratha families should get a reservation, while 89.56 per cent Marathas are in favour of the same. 

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The report says that while providing reservation to the Maratha community, no changes shall be made in Other Backward Class (OBC) reservation quota. Several Maratha families owned a piece of land but some lost the same due to family disputes and poor economic conditions, the report informed. Many families are living below the poverty line. 

The major findings of the report informed that 70.56 per cent Maratha families live in non-cemented houses and 62.74 per cent possess a very small piece of land. Also, 74.4 per cent Maratha youth has shifted to cities for jobs.  

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