Rane praises BJP in ‘Prahaar’, picks a bone with Congress

    Rane praises BJP in ‘Prahaar’, picks a bone with Congress
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    This is the same Rane who used to go in rounds when it came to criticising BJP. But now it seems the tables have turned. Rane, who used to have a bitter opinion of BJP, turns out, seems to be going soft on his approach. Which is why, after the corporate elections, ‘Prahaar’ the daily that is published by his publication Rane Prakashan Pvt Ltd had its first headline stating how BJP supersedes Congress. Surely, this headline will have a different and yet more powerful influence as far as the matter of political analysis is concerned.

    On the other hand, Narayan Rane is said to be joining the league of Bhajpa soon.

    The pictures and the videos of Narayan Rane along with his son Nitesh Rane and Amit Shah meeting in Ahmedabad had gone viral, yet Rane had simply denied the news completely. And now the scene is such that Narayan Rane wants to join hands with BJP as soon as possible. On the other hand, Narayan Rane’s both sons have criticised both the Congress party along with the Congress state president Ashok Chavan quite a much. At the same time, Narayan Rane coming out to quite content with BJP praised the Bhartiya Janta Party through his daily Prahaar. This act would surely turn the tables for the political world and its analysis.

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