Narayan Rane finally decides to join hands with BJP

    Narayan Rane finally decides to join hands with BJP
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    It was surmised that the political platform in the state of Maharashtra may experience a massive shake, but it would be happening this soon, is a bit too unpredictable. Turns out, Narayan Rane who has tasted bitter waters in the Congress Party will now be making an advent into BJP on 16th April in Odisha. Albeit it has been decided that Narayan Rane will be joining hands with BJP, yet he is not only keeping mum about it but has given his best to not let his co-members get any sort of hint, such is known as per the sources of Mumbai Live. 

    Moreover, the two-day national convention for BJP, that is being conducted in Odisha, will be drawn to a close on 16 April. Hence, on the occasion of the National Convention in the presence of Narendra Modi, Narayan Rane along with his 2 sons will become a proud member of the BJP party. It was just a couple of years ago that Narayan Rane joined Congress given that he was expelled by the Shiv Sena. During his tenure in the Congress party in Maharashtra, he continued to be the leader there. Although he did face some bitter times in the Congress party, but somehow or the other the matters settled down before they could get any worse. But this won’t be the case now. Rane had expressed his anger to the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, but Rahul did not pay any heed to it.

    In such circumstances, instead of using the powers that Narayan Rane is infamous for, he thought it better to act on his decision of walking out of Congress and joining hands with BJP party. Narayan Rane, who is known for his aggressive aura, will be seen in the same mode while acting upon his decision. Who are all those leaders who will side with Rane in his this decision? What will Rane accomplish in BJP? All this still stay mere questions. Narayan Rane is meanwhile in Konkan and will travel to Odisha from there. It is noteworthy that all the information supplied by Mumbai Live about Narayan Rane leaving Congress has proved to be true so far.

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