Local politicians go party hopping

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    Mumbai- With BMC elections approaching fast, local politicians are swapping parties at lightning speed.

    Corporators, former and incumbent, find themselves being wooed by rival parties. NCP corporator Sandhya Doshi of ward no 17 has joined the Shiv Sena while a few days ago, Shiv Sena Kamgaar leader Sunil Ganacharya and former MLA Suresh Gambhir quit their long standing association with the Sena and joined the BJP. When Shiv Sena MP Anil Desai was asked about the corporators swapping parties, he said that the issue is handled by party president Uddhav Thackeray.

    “This happens in almost all elections and will not hamper the BMC elections,” says Desai. Meanwhile, the Congress believes that local elections rely on candidates' past work record and not on the party they are affiliated to. Many times, candidates or corporators think about themselves and so they leave or join a  certain party. “Many corporators do this when they start feeling insecure or when their interest is over. However, many candidates are joining the Congress party for sure,” said Dr Raju Waghmare, Congress spokesperson.

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