8.82 lakh homes to be built under the Maha Awas Yojana in Maharashtra

As per reports, the yojana will be implemented in the next 100 days by the Rural Development Department, and a total of INR 4000 crores will be used for the same.

8.82 lakh homes to be built under the Maha Awas Yojana in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Government, on Saturday, November 21, planned to give impetus to the rural housing plan, and keeping the same in mind, officials have decided to implement the 'Maha Awas Yojana'  in the state, with the next 100 days. The plan has been drafted by the Rural Development Department, and the campaign was launched by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Saturday. Reports state that a total of 8.82 lakh houses will be built through this campaign.

As per the approved plan, the Maha Awas Yojana will be implemented in rural areas of Maharashtra from November 20, 2020, to February 28, 2021, and the department has confirmed that houses will include toilets and other necessary amenities.

Further, CM also said that while constructing houses, everyone should be careful to make them strong, so that the people from other states appreciate the efforts to build ideal and beautiful houses, and take inspiration from the same. Besides the, he also confirmed that the state will ensure there is no shortage of funds for rural housing schemes.

Sharing his thought, Rural Development Minister, Hasan Mushrif said that the department has decided to build the houses at a cost of INR 4,000 crore. Various measures will be taken to make it available to those who do not have space for houses, and plans are being developed to regularize residential encroachments on government lands. He testified that the campaign would be effectively implemented and no family would be left without a home in rural areas.

Adding more, Minister of State for Rural Development Abdul Sattar said that the construction of infrastructure in rural areas has been accelerated, and with the new Abhiyan in place, this will be implemented in 100 days and the planning is underway. He expressed his belief that this campaign will bring great relief to the homeless and the poor.

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