Why did Jayant Patil argue with Shah Rukh Khan and his fans on SRK’s birthday?

Why did Jayant Patil argue with Shah Rukh Khan and his fans on SRK’s birthday?

Shah Rukh Khan is not followed but is worshipped, and people pay a visit to his home, Mannat, on his birthday, especially to spend a day with their superstar. This year, the star spent his birthday at Alibaug with his family, and fans gathered even near the Gateway of India, to get a glimpse.

As per sources, Shah Rukh Khan was returning to Gateway of India in his private yacht, after celebrating his birthday in Alibaug. Upon reaching Mumbai, he was sitting inside the yacht and greeting the crowd which had gathered for him. 

At the same time, Shekap’s MLC Jayant Patil was also going to go to his yacht. But due to Shah Rukh Khan and his fans, he had trouble reaching the yacht due to which he lost his temper and reached Shah Rukh Khan's Yacht and argued with him.

The angry MLC raised his tone and said, “Is Alibaug yours? You cannot step here without my permission."

Mumbai Live reached out to Jayant Patil about this matter who said,

I had to get out of Gateway towards Alibaug. But I saw that there was a crowd gathered on the shore. I spoke to the police and later found out that Shah Rukh Khan was waiting in his yacht for 30 mins, smoking and waving to his fans. I was not able to get to my yacht as this was causing inconvenience. Hence, I spoke to Shah Rukh about the same, in this manner.”

The calm King Khan did not reply to Jayant Patil and once he left, Shah Rukh Khan came out of his yacht and waved to his fans and left the place. 

Here’s the video: