Mandatory to speak Marathi in Government offices: Maharashtra Government

The Maharashtra government has decided to strictly implement the use of Marathi language in the government offices


The Maharashtra government on Monday issued a compulsory order to make use of Marathi at government offices mandatory and as per the order, it will be strictly implemented. The government has also ordered to appoint Marathi language Vigilance officer for this purpose.

The government has imposed restrictions on giving out any kind of information to the public in any other language but Marathi. It has said that all the officers and employees shall converse, telephonic or discussions, in Marathi only.

As the Maharashtra government has focused on the same issue in government offices before, now it has even said that if the government employees don’t use Marathi, they will have to submit a written explanation about the same. However, failing to do so might affect the yearly increment of the employee.

The government has ordered that all the government schemes should be named in Marathi and has directed the senior officials to only speak in Marathi during their meeting. It has also said that committees should give their reports in Marathi. 

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