Match-Fixing between Sena and BJP - Nirupam

    Match-Fixing between Sena and BJP - Nirupam
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    CST - Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam took CM Devendra Fadnavis to the task. Devendra Fadnavis is full of angst against people migrating from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Nirupam commented that BJP leaders only make false claims when they visit in the programmes organised by North Indian community. They see this community as the vote bank. Sanjay Nirupam even commented saying will report to Election Commission against Devendra Fadnavis.

    There is a match fixing between Shiv Sena and BJP, this is only for the votes that they are putting blames and allegations on each other. Sena leaders don't have the courage to resign they only brag about it, further stated Nirupam.

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