Congress party workers clash with MNS over hawkers' rally in Dadar

Mumbai police took eight Congress party workers and 10 to 15 MNS party workers in custody

Congress party workers clash with MNS over hawkers' rally in Dadar

On Wednesday at around 11:00 am, Congress party workers carried out the rally in support of the hawkers in Dadar. At the start of the rally, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and Congress party workers started clashing with each other as a result of which Mumbai police took eight Congress party workers and 10 to 15 MNS party workers in custody. The support rally was led by Congress leader Rajan Bhosle led the protest rally.

Mumbai police filed a complaint against Sanjay Nirupam

On Saturday, Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam had organised a meeting with hawkers in Malad and asked them to retaliate every MNS workers' attack. Following which, MNS ward chief Sushant Malwade and workers were attacked by the hawkers.

When Mumbai police investigated the whole matter, they came to the conclusion that a meet organised by Nirupam was illegal and he had provoked hawkers against MNS. Mumbai police then took action and filed a complaint against Nirupam. Along with this, they also booked MNS workers who got on streets and attacked the Congress party leader’s vehicles creating havoc.

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