Narayan Rane to fly back to Delhi

Narayan Rane to fly back to Delhi

Narayan Rane is visiting back to the capital. What is going inside his head everyone wants to know? A few days back he went to Delhi to meet a heavyweight Bharatiya Janta Party leader. Which party will he choose Bharatiya Janta Party or Shiv Sena? Rane visited Delhi this news was provided to you by Mumbai Live. Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi came back from the US.

On the eve of his 65th birthday, Narayan Rane has invited BJP leaders including bigwig BJP, Senior leader Nitin Gadkari. The rumour which has erupted in the political gallery is that is Narayan Rane miffed with Congress leaders or he wants to clear the facts? The tale of the quest will be removed on 9 April. Time will tell whether Narayan Rane will strike a chord with bow or lotus?

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