Non-cognizable offense filed against BJP MLA Ram Kadam

Although the BJP MLA apologised for his careless statement, the flak he has been receiving doesn’t seem to stop. Women activists from NCP, Congress, and MNS have criticised and even demanded his resignation.


“I will help you hundred per cent. Bring your parents first and if they like the girl, we will arrange (read kidnap) her for you.”

This is what BJP MLA Ram Kadam had to say while responding to a person in the crowd when he prompted about his relationship issue. While several political leaders opposed the BJP leader’s objectionable comment, female activists from NCP, Congress, and MNS had been sitting in front of Ghatkopar police station for the last three days, demanding action against Ram Kadam. 

NCP female activist Vidya Chavan told Mumbai Live that eventually, the police have taken action against the politician and have filed a non-cognizable offense. Police Deputy Commissioner Akhilesh Singh confirmed that an NC has been filed against Ram Kadam. 

After Kadam’s statement, the controversy doesn’t seem to be halting any time soon. The notice from the women's commission, the inquiry by BJP, the demand for resignation and now an NC being filed against him. He eventually had issued an apology but the politician's statement has got him a lot of flak.

Kadam has been booked under Section 504 of Indian Penal Code. Chavan stated that while an NC against the politician has been filed, the action against him should also be taken quickly. Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner said that they are conducting an investigation as per the complaint. While complaint has been lodged against Kadam, the NCP is willing to reach out to the High Court for his statement.

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