Maharashtra Elections 2019: NCP, Congress pre-poll alliance declared

NCP chief Sharad Pawar asserted that there is no issue between Congress and NCP regarding seat share


Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha and Maharashtra elections, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar took Twitter to declare NCP’s alliance with Congress. Pawar asserted that there is no conflict of seat share between both the parties.

Congress and NCP will jointly contest Lok Sabha elections along with several other political parties. While there is no conflict of seat share but if any complication, the party presidents will resolve it together,” Sharad Pawar tweeted. 

The NCP chief on Sunday focused on the ‘Mega-Alliance’ for the upcoming state assembly and Lok Sabha polls. In the alliance, the regional parties have the probability of attaining more seats. 

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For the Maharashtra Assembly polls, Pawar declared that Congress and NCP will contest the elections next year along with the Peasants and Workers Party of India (PWPI). “Of 48 seats in Maharashtra, talks on 40 seats has been completed. The final decision on the remaining seats will be taken shortly,” Pawar added. 

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