Ram Kadam will be known as Ravan: NCP leader Nawab Malik

BJP MLA Ram Kadam’s remarks have sparked outrage among the opposition and have invited a lot of criticism


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Ram Kadam has been criticised by the opposition for his misogynistic remarks in a Dahihandi programme organised in Ghatkopar. In reaction to his comments, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) spokesperson Nawab Malik compared him with Ravana.

While addressing the crowd during the event, Kadam said that if anyone has any kind of problem, he or she can contact me.

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“I will help you hundred per cent. Bring your parents first and if they like the girl, we will arrange her for you.” Kadam responded to one person in the crowd when he prompted about his relationship issue.

Criticising Kadam for this, NCP leader Chitra Wagh said, “It is wrong for a public representative to make this kind of statement while the women in the country are unsafe.”

While Malik criticised Kadam for his remarks by labelling him as “Ravan” who talks about abducting a woman. “Later, he will be known as Ravan Kadam and not Ram,” said Malik.

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