Raj-People have been taken for Granted.

Raj-People have been taken for Granted.
Raj-People have been taken for Granted.
Raj-People have been taken for Granted.
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Diva-Raj Thackrey continued to lambast all parties as he addressed another rally at Diva. He started with the issue of illegal construction in Thane and Diva. He said that the common marathi manus was taken for a ride by builders from these parties and today they are being driven away calling them illegal.

He said that these municipal corporations are run by these political parties on the immigrant population. They are not concerned about the marathi manus as you all have been taken for granted. If you vote for incompetent people you will get the same.
He said that election hoardings have become farcical, with insane slogans and comic photgraphs. He claimed that the state is bankrupt and you should fall for the big packages promised by these parties.
He asked the people, “Why should you take this nonsense?”. You dont have decent roads, dumping grounds are killing you, you dont have water and electricity, so why vote for such people?

He said, 'India was ruled for 1000 years by invaders because we are docile. Chatrapati was the super human, but our people betrayed him.'
'Remniscent of the Balasaheb flavour, his taunts were aimed at Shiv Sena as he said that they cannot hide their misdeeds with photographs of Balasaheb.'
'People do not have basic amenities to fall back on even after you pay your taxes'. He urged the people to think about themselves and their families and also think about what has the Municipal corporations given you.
Like his earlier rallies, Raj referred to all the good work done by MNS in Nasik.
Raj Thackrey said that people should not repeat their mistakes, and give him an opportunity. If people still vote for incompetent people, you will discourage workers like us too. He said that people will have to bring about a change.

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