Gateway of India to be renamed 'Bharat Dwaar' ?

Gateway of India to be renamed 'Bharat Dwaar' ?

‘Let’s go to Bharat Dwaar in the evening’ (You heard it right) I’m not sure if it sounds too good. We’re speaking about Mumbai’s iconic ‘Gateway of India’
BJP MLA Raj Purohit wants Gateway of India to be renamed to ‘Bharat Dwaar’ (Not kidding). He believes calling the iconic spot by its name is a symbol of slavery to the British.

He spoke about Independence, Nationalism, Pride and Indianess when he proposed to change the name. He wants all English names to be changed in the city.

Recently, we’ve seen stations being renamed and people in power speaking about how conserving Indian culture is the true symbol of Nationalism. Basically, rename places and the country will definitely progress and poverty will be eradicated and women will get equal rights and the environment will be clean.

Recently, Elphinstone station has been renamed 'Prabhadevi railway station'

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