‘Selfish’ politics on selfie point


Shivaji Park - The iconic location of Shivaji Park, where discussions on different topics usually take place, has turned into a political battleground.

The place under contention is the ‘selfie point’, brainchild of Sandeep Deshpande, former Maharashtra Navnirman Sena group leader in the BMC. It was a big hit with the younger crowd and attracted several youngsters every day. But after facing a defeat in the BMC election, Deshpande announced on March 1 that this selfie point would be closed.

Taking benefit of this opportunity, BJP’s city president Ashish Shelar announced on social networking site ‘twitter’ that the BJP would prepare a more beautiful selfie point here. 

शिवाजी पार्क मधे सेल्फी पाँईट सुरू करण्यास भाजपला महापालिकेने परवानगी दिली!

— ashish shelar (@ShelarAshish) March 2, 2017

As the BJP was trying to gain points on this issue, the Shiv Sena also jumped into the ‘selfie-point’ battleground. Sena’s newly elected corporator Vishakha Raut also flashed a banner showing willingness to create selfie point at Shivaji Park.

As Deshpande understood his mistake, he announced the continuation of this selfie point and he asked others, without taking names of BJP and Sena, not to get involved in this case.

rajsahebanchya adeshyache palan hoil

— Sandeep Deshpande (@SandeepDadarMNS) March 2, 2017 ">

rajsahebanchya adeshyache palan hoil

— Sandeep Deshpande (@SandeepDadarMNS) March 2, 2017

But Ashish Shelar had already submitted a letter to the BMC seeking its permission for creating selfie point at Shivaji Park.

Now, only time will tell who will hold this fort. This then, Mumbaikars will enjoy ‘selfie’sh politics.

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