Sena manifesto is fake- Sanjay Nirupam

Sena manifesto is fake- Sanjay Nirupam

CST- Mumbai Congress president Sanjay Nirupam has termed Shiv Sena’s just-released manifesto a 'fake one'.
The Shiv Sena launched its manifesto on Monday. “BJP-Shiv Sena has mentioned about 14 flyovers in their 2012 manifesto. But not a single flyover was built. And the flyover they built was initiated by Congress,” Nirupam alleged.
He added that SS- BJP had promised building ‘Gaargai’ and ‘Pinjaar’ water reservoirs in 2012 - these were supposed to provide more than 1000 mld to Mumbaikars per day. Nirupam also spoke about three new dumping grounds, promised but never built.
“Beautification of rivers, solid waste management issues are still unsolved. They have still not provided free medical help, health cards, all of which they had promised. Not only this, 35 civic schools have downed shutters. Both these political parties have ruined Mumbai city on the whole,” said Nirupam.

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