Sena roars at BMC election

Sena roars at BMC election

Mumbai – The Shiv Sena in Mumbai is celebrating its 'win' in the BMC elections in the way it knows best.

Sloganeering, drum beats and roars of victory rent the air in the city and suburbs as Shiv Sainiks raised impromptu verses and slogans, praising the Sena and its leader. The tone was reminiscent of the times when the party supremo Bal Thackeray would summon up such party sentiment in the wake of a rally or an election result. This time, despite the breakup with the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Shiv Sena has managed to hold its own. The BJP has managed a fair share of seats till now as well, but the Sena is still in an exultant mood. 

What didn’t change and will never is the sloganeering of the party. Sample some -
अरे जिंकून जिंकून जिंकणार कोण? शिवसेनेशिवाय आहेच कोण?

कोण आला रे कोण आला? शिवसेनेचा वाघ आला…
बघताय काय रागाने, बाजी मारलंय वाघाने,

मुंबई आमच्या साहेबांची, नाही कुणाची बापाची

The Shiv Sena workers kept on shouting slogans through the morning. The negotiations and bartering will kick in once the results are fully in. Till then, the slogans will rule the roost.

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