‘Sena workers removed BJP hoardings’

  • ‘Sena workers removed BJP hoardings’

Ghatkopar - Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray visited the party branches at Bhatwadi on Wednesday. Sena workers had displayed hoarding at Ram Joshi Marg. But the BJP activists have alleged that their hoardings ‘Maharashtra Badaltoy’, ‘Sarkar Aaplya Daari’ giving information about party’s plan for the development of ward no. 128 were removed by the Sena workers.

Ravi Punj of the BJP has said that removal of BJP’s hoardings makes it clear that Shiv Sena is afraid of the BJP. When contacted the N ward office, no proper information in this regard was given to this reporter. This hoarding issue has ascertained the fact that the relations between these saffron allies are not cordial anymore.

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