Onion Export Ban: Sharad Pawar meets Piyush Goyal in Delhi; asks him to reconsider

NCP chief Sharad Pawar said that the decision to ban onion export by the central government will benefit Pakistan and others.

Onion Export Ban: Sharad Pawar meets Piyush Goyal in Delhi; asks him to reconsider

The central government has recently banned the export of onions of all kinds. The farmers across the country including Maharashtra have protested against the decision. 

In Nashik and other parts of Maharashtra, farmers protested at Agriculture Produce Market Committees (APMC) and kept the shops closed to register their displeasure over the central government’s decision to prohibit the export of onions. 

The agitation was taken to the streets where farmers blocked the road on Mumbai-Agra highway. As this happened, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar met Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal to apprise him about the plight of onion growers. 

“The central government has abruptly announced a ban on onion exports. This has led to strong reactions from the onion growing belt in Maharashtra and therefore, the representatives of various political parties contacted and requested me to convey their demands to Central Government,” the NCP chief said. 

During his meeting, Pawar informed the Union Minister that onions are intentionally in demand and a sudden decision to ban its export is a major blow to India’s image as a reliable exporter of onions in the international market. 

Pawar, former Union Agriculture Minister, is in Delhi for the monsoon session of Parliament. He met Goyal and said that the decision taken by the central government to ban the export of onions will benefit Pakistan and others. 

“I also brought to his notice that onions are in good demand internationally & we have been exporting onions consistently.  But a sudden decision to this effect by the central government is a major blow to India's image as a reliable exporter of onions.  Pakistan and other onion exporters will benefit immensely from this situation,” he said. 

The central government has banned the export of onions in view of the rising prices in the market. Goyal informed that the Union Ministry of Consumer Protection has proposed the ban. He, however, assured Pawar that he will reconsider the ban in consultation with the Union Ministry of Commerce, Finance and Consumer Protection. 

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