Dear CM, these brave men are 'still' waiting for their 'promised' rewards


The day was 21 June 2012 and the clock had ticked 2:40 PM.

A fire broke out in Mantralaya - administrative headquarters of the state government of Maharashtra in South Mumbai - and hell broke loose. The fire on the fourth floor reached the sixth. While everyone was running to save their own lives, seven bravehearts ran to the seventh floor to save the national flag from the catching fire. These men put their lives at risk because they are the ones who hoist and bring down the national flag. The certainly deserved praise and applause for doing their bit, and they did, but little did they know that the reward of saving the flag from turning into ashes would be a house of their own and education for their children to high school. Yes, it brings a smile to the face that the government is appreciating this move, but no, it is not the truth.

Forget not. We are talking about the Indian government and we are not ashamed a tad bit, that 5 years since then, the promise still says the same. No action, no move. Just a promise. 

Mumbai Live salutes these 7 bravehearts - Rajendra Murlidhar Kanade, Premji Roj (dead), Deepak , Hadsul, Surendra Jadhav, Ganesh Munj, Suresh Bariya, and Vishal Rane - who even today wait for their reward. 

What were the promises?
When the fire broke out, Congress – NCP was the party in power and had promised of giving the house and sponsoring the education, like mentioned above. But these members soon conveniently ignored. The irony is, education minister Vinod Tawde, the then leader of the opposition condemned the ruling (Cong- NCP) party of not giving compensation and sponsoring the education. But when he (Tawde) came to power, he made announced that the state will sponsor education till SSC. 

Till date, these bravehearts have only received promises from then deputy CM Ajit Pawar and PWD minister Chaggan Bhujbal.

As per the information, they have also sent a letter stating the same to the current CM Devendra Fadnavis, but they have not received any reply in return. The wait continues...

This is what they do...
These workers hoist the flag at 6:22 am and bring down the flag around 7:05 pm. Talking about the same, exclusively to Mumbai Live, one of the workers, Rajendra Murlidha Kanade stated,

We don't have our own homes in Mumbai. We were told that the state would sponsor the education of our children till high school but then it was brought down to SSC. We are very upset and are still waiting. 

The workers said that after the fire incident, no minister has come to see the flag.

...and here we are, now proud to celebrate our next year of Independence. Sigh!

As a humble attempt, we only wish that our beloved CM reads this and delivers to the promise.

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