Taxing times for the BEST

Taxing times for the BEST

Sewri - Electricity consumers in this area are unhappy with the city's electricity provider, BEST. MNS Ward Head Shekhar Mokle says, "To compensate its own losses, the BEST is generating inflated electricity bills."
In November, the BEST introduced a 'Wheeling tax' tax in the electricity bill with a minimum fee Rs 100 and a maximum fee of Rs 700.
Earlier too, the BEST had introduced a tax - the 'Transport Department Deficit'. The MNS had protested this tax and initiated legal action against the same. The BEST cancelled the transport deficit tax. Now former MLA Bala Nandgaonkar has asked the BEST to cancel the new tax proposal, failing which the MNS will protest in a stronger vein, he says.