Will the state budget spare a thought for Mumbai?

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    Mumbai Live spoke to MLAs of political parties across the spectrum to gauge what the soon-to-be-announced state budget has in store for Mumbai. While most maintained that the focus this time round would be on farmers' issues, Mumbai would not be ignored, we were assured.

    Sudhir Mungantiwar
    Finance Minister

    The state budget focus will always be on youth and farmers. However, Mumbai's infrastructure will need to be strengthened since this is the country's financial capital and attracts talent from all over.

    Prithviraj Chavan
    Former chief minister

    Big projects have been promised for Mumbai, including the transharbour sea link project, the coastal road project and the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar memorial project, the Shivaji Memorial project, the Metro project - there have been several announcements. The question is - will these projects get the funds promised, and will they be completed in time.

    Rahul Narvekar
    Nationalist Congress Party

    Basic infrastructure development needs to be done for Mumbai. Slum redevelopment should also be high on the government's agenda.

    Kapil Patil
    Janata Dal (S)

    while farmers' issues will rate high on the government's radar, Mumbai cannot be ignored. The fact that the BEST is unable to pay salaries to its staff is unfortunate.

    Pravin Darekar

    There is no doubt that the budget will make provisions for important infrastructural works like the Metro and the coastal road projects.

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