Women attract molesters-Abu Azmi

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    Women attract molesters-Abu Azmi
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    Mumbai -The ordeal for women doesn't seem to end. We all read about women being harassed at public places, now they are at the receiving end of comments from public representatives.

    This time it was the turn of Maharashtra President of the Samajwadi Party Abu Azmi. Commenting about the public molestation of women at Bengaluru on new years eve, Abu Azmi said that the women were responsible indeed.
    He said that women should be accompanied by their Husband, Father or Brother if they move out of the house post sunset and going out without any male escort and that too on new years eve is not a good idea for women.
    Azmi said that the new generation shows too much of skin to look attractive and fashionable.
    Moreover, he also made a taunting statement on the attire of women, saying that they should accept Indian culture and there cannot be smoke without fire. He further went on to make another insensitive comment that if the girl shows her consent, its fine, but if she objects it becomes a rape case.
    Abu Azmi’s daughter in law Ayesha Takia is an actress and when she disagreed with Azmi’s comment.
    Controversy is Azmi's middle name, earlier he had made a comment saying that those having pre-marital sex should be sent to the gallows.
    Seems Azmi's insensitive comments are politically seasonal, is it a desparate attempt to stay in the news?????

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