Maha RERA comes to the aid of a customer after builders refuse to return his money

Maha RERA comes to the aid of a customer after builders refuse to return his money

Builders who fool people under the name of making a property deal have been alarmed by Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maha RERA). The authority received a complaint from a customer and they acted immediately on it on Tuesday.

The builder refused the pay back the customer and was being a little too stubborn during the deal. The authority then interfered and made sure the builder pays the customer his money back. This is the first case the authority had interfered with since its inception in August.

The authority is encouraging the consumers to file a complaint with them if they feel there’s any kind of wrongdoing from the other end. So far, around 60 complaints have been registered online.

Maha RERA will hear out both the groups involved before giving out a judgment.

Kamlesh Aliyani booked an apartment with EKTA Parksville at Brooklyn Park. He paid INR 26,15,357 as an advance/down payment. But because the builders couldn’t complete the construction in the stipulated time, Kamlesh planned to cancel his booking. The builders refused to cancel the booking and give his money back and hence, the man knocked on Maha RERA’s door.

The authority, after investigating into the matter has asked the builder to return the payment made by the customer.

Maha RERA was set up to make sure the common man doesn’t fall prey to fraud builders who trick people. Accordingly, builders are allowed to advertise their projects only if they have registered with Maha RERA and in order to register, builders have been asked to do so by July 31.

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