Maharashtra Govt Will Fast-Track Redevelopment of Dilapidated Buildings in Mumbai

Maharashtra Govt Will Fast-Track Redevelopment of Dilapidated Buildings in Mumbai

The Maharashtra State Government has sent a proposal to fast-track and streamline the redevelopment of dilapidated buildings situated within the city. The State has also approved an amendment to the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) redevelopment rules, adding that homes for the tenants of such structures need to be constructed within three years from the day the project begins.

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The amendment is expected to be officially passed in the next legislative session of the State Assembly, after which projects that are currently stalled or mid-way through construction are expected to continue at a faster pace.

With thousands of residents depending on these buildings for shelter, the fast-tracking of redevelopment projects is expected to benefit them greatly. Providing clarity on the 3-year deadline period for completion, it is said that the clock will start ticking the moment MHADA obtains the commencement certificate. 

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"It will be mandatory for MHADA to meet the deadline. The decision will benefit 14,500 cessed buildings because their redevelopment is delayed, stalled or abandoned by the developers who haven't paid tenants the monthly rent or transit accommodation. In some cases, the developers have violated the rules and regulations of 'no objection certificate' and haven't acted despite the civic body's notices," a statement put out by the Chief Minister’s office said.

An eight-member legislative committee was set up on October 29, 2016, to recommend changes to the MHADA rules. The State Cabinet later approved the amendments suggested by the committee. 

Many people have died as a result of building collapses in the city. It is hoped that the Government and MHADA will act with haste in order to rehabilitate its residents at the earliest. A few buildings are still in relatively poor condition, so the authorities certainly have their work cut out for them.  

Additionally, the Cabinet has decided to set up a grievance redressal committee under the Housing Secretary to provide an avenue for owners, residents/tenants as well as MHADA to put forth their points.

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