Vada pav vendor from Parel will donate single-day earnings to an Elphinstone stampede victim's family


What’s the story?

21-year-old Mayuresh Haldankar lost his life in the  Elphinstone stampede which killed 23 people last month. Mayuresh stayed at BDD chaul, Worli and was the sole earner, supporting his family. Because of his sudden demise, the family has no support or source of income.

In order to support Mayuresh’s family, a vada pav seller from Parel is going to sell vada pav on October 14 and will donate all his earnings to Mayuresh’s family.

Vada Pav for INR 5

Mangesh Ahiwale sells vada pav near the Parel ST depot and isn’t very well to do either but out of kindness, he’s going to go all out and help the deceased.

Mangesh sells vada pav under the name Aapla vada pav and when others sell it for INR 14-15, he sells it for INR 5! Now that’s a price from back in time. So on October 14, from 10:00 am to 8:00 am, he’s going to work and sell vada pav for Mayuresh Haldankar.

After I heard about Mayuresh's death, I met his family and realised that their condition was very vulnerable. I decided to help them by selling vada pav and I'm sure Mumbai will help me with my goal. Any kind of help is appreciated," Mangesh Ahiwale. 

The government has promised the families of people who died a compensation of INR 5 lakh but none of the families have received it yet.

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