Will BEST deduct the salaries of its employees for the nine-day strike?

While BEST draws a revenue of ₹3 crore every day, it incurs an expenditure of almost ₹6 crore. Therefore, the bus company suffered a loss of ₹27 crore due to the nine-day strike

Will BEST deduct the salaries of its employees for the nine-day strike?

After ensuring that their demands will be met, the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) employees finally called off their strike on January 17.

Despite the assurance from the transport corporation for not taking any action against the workers on strike, it is possible that they might face a nine-day salary cut. This move is said to help the association recover financial losses which incurred due to the nine-day strike.

As per records, it is said that the division draws a revenue of ₹3 crore every day and incurs an expenditure of almost ₹6 crores. Around 30,000 employees work for the transport company. Keeping these numbers and the nine-day strike in mind, it has been noted that the association will be suffering a loss of ₹27 crore.

Earlier, many attempts of negotiations between BEST union and the establishment derived no solution to end the strike. However, the Bombay High Court played an important role in mediating between the agitated workers and the administration. Due to which, the strike came to an end as Shashank Rao called off the protest.

Prior to this, the administration also informed the court that they are open to implementing the 10-step increment in pay and declared that the offer stands if the strike ends on Tuesday evening. However, BEST workers union rejected the offer made by BEST management in order to redress grievances. 

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Therefore, the transport company might deduct the salaries of the employees that participated in the strike to recover its losses. Mumbai Live tried contacting BEST officials but were unable to establish a contact.