CR demands an increase in frequency for Mumbai- Delhi Rajdhani Express

Following the success of the bi-weekly Rajdhani Express which started in January, officials have now demanded the train to run daily since it has been observed to have almost 100 per cent occupancy.


Following the impressive response for the first Rajdhani on Mumbai-Delhi route through the Central Zone, the authorities have now demanded an increase in the frequency of the service.

CR’s principal chief commercial manager Shailendra Kumar has said that the train which now runs bi-weekly started in January and has been observed to have almost 100 per cent occupancy. The service which connects stations like Agra and Nashik has attracted commuters from Mumbai and Delhi, and a high number of passengers have been booking tickets to these two destinations.

Out of the three Rajdhani trains running in the city, this is the first to connect stations in Madhya Pradesh, due to which the sales are said to be 'beyond expectations.' Officials expect more passengers to travel in this service.

The other two Rajdhani trains from Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus respectively connect some stations in Gujarat.

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