Rajyarani Express to soon run till Nanded

Amid protests against the extension of the Rajyarani Express' route, Central Railway has decided that the train will now run up to Nanded


Central Railway's Rajyarani Express, which is bound for Manmad, will soon be running upto Nanded. The extension will be effective January 10 onwards but the passenger union from Nashik has protested against the decision as the passengers were allegedly facing issues due to the extended route. Meanwhile, the train will run from Nanded as a 17-coach train instead of 18 coaches.

A second-class coach has been removed from the train an an Air-Conditioned coach has been introduced instead. This change will also result in the reduction of seats for passengers travelling in second-class coaches from Nashik.

Train No. 17611 Rajyarani Express will now leave from Nanded at 10:00 pm instead of Manmad and reach at CSMT Station at 10:07 am. Whereas Train No. 17612 will commence the journey from CSMT at 6:45 pm and reach Nanded at 7:20 am.

Meanwhile, instead of nine second-class coaches, the train will have eight coaches. Alongside, there will be one AC coach (Two-Tier), one AC coach (Three-Tier), three sleeper coach along with 2 second-class-cum-guard brake van coaches. Prior to this, Rajyarani Express only consisted of one AC coach (Two-Tier) and all the other coaches were second-class.

While changes have made in regard to the number and category of the coaches, Central Railway did not change the timetable. The train halts at Rotegaon, Lasur, Aurangabad, Jalna, Partur, Selu, Manwath Road, Parbhani, and Purna Junction.

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