Metro Corporation to ban carrying of food on board

The Metro Corporation has taken the decision after the passengers repeatedly threw the wrappers and junk after consuming the food in the metro trains


The Metro Corporation is all set to lay a ban on carrying food on metro trains and this will ensure that the passengers can now only carry water on board. This move was planned after the officials stated that the people would get on board, eat food and throw the wrappers thereby litter the entire compartment.

If the regulation is violated, the metro company will penalise the passengers as the rule has been introduced to avoid untidiness in the compartment.

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As a part of the cleanliness initiative, announcements about the same will be made in the metro trains and posters will also be put outside the food shops outside the metro stations. The awareness campaign by the metro company will be run until March 13.

Thus, the passengers will now have to consume the edibles prior to boarding on the trains. Meanwhile, it still remains to see what reaction the passengers will display towards the rule.

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