Teachers will not be allowed to travel in Mumbai Local Train

A decision was annouced in this regard and officials from the government have informed that the teachers will not be allowed to travel by the Mumbai local trains.

Teachers will not be allowed to travel in Mumbai Local Train
The state government of Maharashtra, on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, rejected the permission, sought by the teachers, to allow them to travel by the Mumbai local train. As per reports, the appeal was made by them to go to school for internal assessment of 10th standard (SSC) students, whereby, many of them wanted to travel in the local train.

The state government, in a statement issued on Monday, June 14, 2021, made it mandatory for teachers to attend schools. Staff teaching children between class 1-9 had to attend in 50 per cent capacity to conduct online classes, whereas staff teaching class 10 and junior college students, had to attend the school for assessment, so as to release the results on time. This was brought in effect from June 15 across Maharashtra, except Vidharbha region.

Expressing their concerns, teachers in Mumbai also staged a protest demanding them to be allowed to travel in the trains and said that many of them, come from areas like Vasai, Virar, Palghar, Kalyan, Panvel and others. Hence, travelling by local train is the only solution. Understanding this, the unions had demanded they should be allowed as essential service providers and further added that this would also help in expediting the assessment process. Furthermore, officials also said that the teachers should be given priority for vaccination, as it would be safe for them to travel, as directed.

However, a decision has been taken in this regard and officials have informed that the teachers will not be allowed to travel by the local trains. No clarity has been given regarding the commute and vaccination. Some members of the teachers' association called this a half-hearted decision and said that while the government wants the teachers to attend schools, they do not want to provide services that would also risk their lives.

Currently, several districts across Maharashtra are observing the unlocking process, whereby restrictions have been given for a few services. However, the local trains have not yet begun for the public and this has raised concerns for people from several professions. On the coronavirus (COVID-19) front, Mumbai has seen a decrease in cases and the COVID-19 positivity rate. 

Earlier this month, the government decided to begin the unlocking phases. Districts were divided among five-level categories based on several factors related to COVID-19 facilities, cases and other geographical aspects. Mumbai was categorised earlier under level-3, but was then changed to level-2. Municipal Commissioner, Iqbal Singh Chahal, a few days back said that the city, though categorised as level-2, will continue to follow the restrictions for level-3 cities as directed by the government.
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